One Game.
One Goal.
One Society.

Our Goal

★ Aims to provide a fun and exciting experience as members explore the secrets contained over the chess board. And allows players of all skill levels to flourish whilst most importantly having fun!

★ To create a friendly sociable atmosphere with a variety of events, tournaments and occasions which we will be the one to manage and organize.

★ To participate in chess tournaments with other clubs and universities in both local and national competitions; thereby creating a platform for those wishing to improve.

Our Society

The society is as diverse as the game itself, ranging across every year and faculty, but all united in their passion for the royal game of chess. We train, develop and implement programs that cater to the youth of this generation. Your chess journey has never been this fun all-year-round if you unlock all the benefits of becoming a part of Cebu Chess Society. With the desire to unite the entire chess community and give chessplayers a gateway to a fun, high standard competitive environment.

So what are you waiting for? Begin your chess journey today and explore the beautiful world of chess!



Join the latest CCS chess tournaments both online and over-the-board. Experience a very well-organized and well-attended chess events in the country. Climb the Rating Ladder with the CCS FIDE-Rated tournaments either in Standard, Blitz or Rapid. Open to all chessplayers Rated or Unrated. Remember that tournament play is a learning experience.

Training & Courses

Training & Courses

Learn how to play chess with top-rated courses from Cebu Chess Society. Get better at chess through interactive online chess lessons from top masters and coaches. Regardless of which aspect of the game you’re interested in perfecting, CCS has a course to help you win.



Unlock all the benefits of the CCS Membership and take your kid’s chess to the next level. Membership will give you access to all the chess sessions, tournaments within the club, teaching and socials. CCS offers a wide range of opportunities for both casual players and for those who are looking for competition.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Check the latest Chess Calendar 2022 – The Biggest Upcoming Chess Events awaits you! We’ve gathered together all the info about the upcoming chess events already scheduled for 2022, though we’ll be updating it during the year as more events are announced or plans change. Save the date!


CCS Rising Stars & CCS Young Elites

Chess journey starts in CCS Rising Stars where the youth ages 12 and under discover themselves a whole new world in chess. As their journey continues, here comes CCS Young Elites, another monthly program that caters chess lovers 16 and under to go beyond strategies and tactics. Together we build and create our future grandmasters and woman grandmasters in the country.

We love to see you there!

Our Team

The CCS Founders

We are dedicated to introduce, boost and empower the game of chess to a wider audience. We are inviting everybody with an undying passion, support and interest in chess. Whether you are a beginner, an amateur, a club player or a pro, or a hardcore chess fanatic we would love for you to be a part of Cebu Chess Society.

Atty. Gerald Serbise

Executive Director
Cebu Chess Society’s very own Executive Director, Tournament Director and FIDE International Organizer, Atty.

Michael Joseph Pagaran

Operations Manager
Co-founder, Tornelo Certified Arbiter, FIDE Arbiter and CCS Operations Manager, also known as Mykelpagz

Menchie Peteros

Creative Director
With over 10 years of graphic design experience, Mench oversees the creative department at

Glenda Tatoy

Project Manager
Glenda manages implementation of effective and efficient operational, financial and compliance activities to deliver

Our Sponsors

Thanks for your trust in our work, CCS will keep being awesome as always!

Our Blog

Latest Chess News & Updates

Follow the latest news from the world of chess. Breaking stories and current worldwide updates & trends about tournaments, events, players, and the state of the game.

August 20, 2020 Menchie

First CCS Online Chess Classical Games

Cebu Chess Society acknowledges that we are currently living in a different situation where over-the-board chess tournaments is not yet possible, which greatly affects our young aspiring chess players
August 10, 2020 Menchie

Cebu City Monthly Online Chess Junior Olympics

Cebu City Sports Commission brings you the Cebu City Monthly ONLINE Chess Junior Olympics exclusively for Cebu City public school students only. The new way to start competing to significantly improve
January 16, 2020 Menchie

Performance of Chessplayers Under Time Pressure

The impact of environmental quality on the performance of chessplayers undertaking cognitively demanding tasks under time pressure. SM Seaside City Cebu thankfully provided us one of the best tourname
June 29, 2019 Menchie

1st Cebu Chess Society Cup Registration

Cebuano pawnpushers who are interested to join the first ever Cebu Chess Society Cup have only until tomorrow to register. Entry fee for the twoday tournament slated on July 6-7 at the Mandaue City Cu

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