First CCS Online Chess Classical Games

Cebu Chess Society acknowledges that we are currently living in a different situation where over-the-board chess tournaments is not yet possible, which greatly affects our young aspiring chess players but as true masters of chess we will adapt to the situation and rise above every obstacle we encounter. In line with this, CCS is inviting kids (9 & under) and (12 & under) as well as young adults (16 & under) to join our 1st Online Classical Games with time control of 30 mins + 15s on August 22-23, 2020. Please see poster for the tournament details.
Step 1: CREATE your account:
Step 2: JOIN team by clicking link:
Please indicate your FULL NAME and BIRTH DATE when requesting to join.
Sample: Hello, My name is Juan Dela Cruz and my Birth Date is July 23, 2007.
STEP 3. ENTER tournament & complete registration by clicking link:
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